Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Our employees are located all over the world and have different cultures, experiences, educational backgrounds and talents. Heracles is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that respects each individual's unique talents, experiences and perspectives, which helps to enhance the company's competitiveness and creativity, but what binds us together? We are committed to developing the best team to deliver creative solutions to our global customers, creating superior value for our shareholders and positively impacting the clients and communities we serve.


In order to create a culture of diversity and inclusion, Hercules has established an employee-affiliated group whose members provide personal and professional development support and drive innovation. All achievements of the employee affinity group are open to employees.


Our company will provide a dynamic and flexible career development platform, including global collaboration and cross-border employment opportunities, strong staff and leadership development resources, and an attractive career path that combines the flexibility with vibrancy of diverse career development. There is no need to “start from scratch” in the new company. Even when we are deeply involved in a certain intelligence, our employees can experience different job opportunities through job rotations between many business units, locations and product lines throughout their work.


Unlimited development space: Heracles has a clear strategic vision, requires the best talent to achieve, and provides them with excellent growth opportunities. Our continued global business growth brings new development opportunities. The long average length of service indicates the satisfaction of employees in the career development of Heracles.


Friendly and inspiring colleagues: At Heracles you will find that colleagues around you love your job and are happy to help you succeed. You will be infected and encouraged by the enthusiasm of your colleagues, and the focus of our team's teamwork makes the work more enriched by Heracles colleagues. The deepest feeling for the company culture is "teamwork", "friendship" and "righteousness". .


Open, empowered and inclusive culture: Working at Heracles means you will take on significant responsibilities and face high expectations, while at the same time returning to work hardest, you will be given a lot of control and great flexibility. We value diversity and inclusion to inspire the best ideas. Employees will have international assignments, international business trips, or sit in front of their desks and collaborate with colleagues in other countries to complete a variety of tasks.